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We at VOOS strive to deliver as transparent reviews as possible so that you get the best out of all available options.

How it all started?

There are so many stories we would like to say about the way furniture is designed, made, and used. And yet somehow it just comes down to how it feels, how furniture becomes silent friends in our homes. That is what keeps inspiring us every day and that is what we would like to share with you.

We wondered what would happen if people had access to a selection of world-class furniture, conceived and manufactured by designers they could access to and get to know. Would that not create a powerful bond and make the whole experience of buying and owning furniture more meaningful and personal? That is the story of VOOS.

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Our Process


Our team keeps researching the interesting products available in the market.


We acquire the products by purchasing them with our own money, receiving free units from manufacturers, or a mix of both. If we receive free gear from manufacturers, we let you know at the top of the article.


We design experiments to test the products in an unbiased way. Winners are picked based on the lab results.


We write and publish an article sharing all that we’ve learned and making recommendations.

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