The 8 Best TV Stands For 2022 (Modern and Budget-Friendly)

What’s the finest television stand?

The answer is None. Because there are plenty of amazing as well as terrible options.

With a TV stand, you’ll have a spot to show off your screen, streaming gadgets, arrange cables, as well as store books and extra accessories.

Researching prominent TV stands accessible online, we looked at their simplicity of construction, durability, design, price, and usefulness for keeping things organized. It’s a wonderful time of year to take a look around your home and evaluate which pieces of furniture you can live with till spring and which ones need to be tossed out immediately.

Your TV stand is an excellent investment if it just serves a utilitarian purpose and does not offer any aesthetic value to your family room. However, there are a number of decent-looking media consoles out there to choose from. As a bonus, many include additional storage space. Before you go shopping, examine our suggestions and the guidance in the following paragraphs.

Best TV Stand Of 2022

1. Walker Edison: Best Tv Stand Overall

Highlights: Bestseller, Available in different sizes, Available with and without an electric fireplace, available with additional item pairing for convenience and aesthetics. Reasonably priced!

The Walker Edison Wren Classic Tv Stand With Mount is a fantastic addition to any house regarding wood’s warmth and rustic appeal. With enough room and compartments for décor, collectibles, and gaming consoles, this stand can comfortably accommodate a 65-inch television. With its features and high-quality construction, this tv stand with mount is a genuine Amazon best-seller and an excellent choice for homes who like traditional-style entertainment sets with a modern twist.

In this 58-inch TV stand mount, you’ll find a traditional wood cubby entertainment unit, perfect for houses that want to go all out. This TV stand is high-quality MDF and covered with a durable laminate for a rich finish and textured surface. There are two giant adjustable shelves in the storage console of this TV stand that customers may configure whatever they see fit based on their preferences and needs.

Specification: Size: 33″ H x 60″ W x 16″ L X Material: MDF X Size Compatibility: 55″ X Weight Capability: 64 pounds


  • It features a warm tone wooden finish.
  • The usage of different power tools is not required.
  • Everything is in place by the cord management posts.
  • It is very hefty, which reduces the likelihood of collapsing due to a significant weight imbalance.


  • The board may fracture or chip at the edges.

2. Karon TV Stand: Best TV Stand For Low Budget

This sleek TV stand will look right at home in any contemporary decor in various materials. It’s composed of engineered wood, and you can select from a variety of finishes to make it match your decor. The stand supports a rectangular black metal bar, which gives it an industrial-inspired appearance.

Two open shelves are there on each side of the room are ideal for storing books and games, and an open central shelf may easily accommodate a gaming console or cable box. Natural Variation Types include White/Oud Oak, Walnut Color, and Natural Wood Grain Color Variation and Material Specifications in melamine-coated particleboard.

Specification= Size: 59”” W x 16”” H x 14”” D X Material: Manufactured wood X Size Compatibility: 65 Inches X Weight Capability: 100 lb.


  • The front and back sides are interchangeable.
  • A range of natural color options is available.
  • A full-length warranty is available.
  • It’s a bargain in terms of budget.
  • The design is modern and sleek.


  • ● It requires a complete assembly.

3. Michaelson TV Stand: Best Contemporary & Modern Design

With a distinctive profile inspired by mid-century contemporary designs, this TV stand will make a statement in your living room. The employment of solid and engineered wood is there to construct the table, finished with splayed, tapering dowel legs to complete the aesthetic. Open corner storage areas provide a touch of personality, while three open shelves are great for keeping all of your entertainment equipment and devices in one convenient location.

 On the other hand, a cable management cutout helps to keep bothersome cables exactly where you want them — out of sight. The top of the stand has a weight capability of 66 lbs, which is quite a lot. No two items are the same because of inherent variations in grain color, finish, and wood knots.

Specification= Size:71” W x 24” H x 14.02” D X Material: Solid + Manufactured Wood X Size Compatibility:65″ X Weight Capability: 66 lb


  • Three extra shelves are available.
  • It has a contemporary modern design.
  • Open corner storage areas provide a touch of flair.
  • Three extra shelves are available.


  • It takes up a lot of space.

4. Lorraine TV Stand: Best For Small Space & TVs

The Lorraine TV Stand is the ideal solution for storing your flat-screen TV and all of its accessories in one convenient location. Two cabinets and four shelves, all adjustable, provide plenty of storage space for everything you need to have on hand.

The internal shelves are ideal for storing movie memorabilia, gaming consoles, books, and other ornamental objects. In addition, it features a fantastic barn-style door design that glides on a metal rail for an added sense of elegance!

You’ll appreciate how convenient it is to reach everything via the sliding doors without opening them every time – just slide them back on their metal tracks, and they’ll remain there! That’s not all either! If your cables have been driving you crazy recently, there are cable management holes built into this rustic tv stand to help you out and keeps your living space appearing nice and tidy.

Specification= Size:63.4”” W x 31.9”” H x 15.5”” D | Material:Engineered Wood Size | Compatibility: 55 inches | Weight Capability:70 lb


  • It is at a very modest cost – less than $200.
  • It may also be there as a sideboard or buffet table.
  • You can put this TV stand together in less than 60 minutes


  • Some customers received damaged TV stands.
  • It won’t accommodate stuff like massive audio equipment.

5. Coridon TV Stand: Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Except being an attractive piece of furniture, the Coridon TV Stand for TVs up to 65″ with Fireplace Included is adaptable enough to be used and enjoyed in several settings throughout your house. Clean lines and hidden metal accessories accentuate the rustic-style appearance of this TV stand. Rustic, farmhouse, seaside, and antique/vintage themes would all look great with this TV stand.

Unsightly cables may be neatly tucked away in the cable management system, while two large drawers provide extra space for storing electrical gadgets and other goods. In the center of the two cabinets, a stunning fireplace creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your house.

Specification= Size: 58” W x 25” H x 15.375” D | Material: MDF | Size Compatibility: 65″ | Weight Capability:250 lb.


  • It is available in various wooden finishes.
  • This specific TV stand comes with a 90-day limited guarantee.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The fireplace function on this TV stands for maybe its most notable feature.
  • TV stands like this have a farmhouse to the coast, rustic to antique/vintage.


  • This specific TV stand does not contain a tip-over restraint.
  • This TV stand does not come with remote control for the fireplace function.

6. Ebern Designs French TV Stand: Best For Small corner

In some cases, the most excellent spot to put your television is in a corner, but utilizing a traditional TV stand seems like a waste of valuable floor space. The Ebern Design French TV Stand is a fantastic alternative for those who have a complex area in a corner. It comes with two support bars designed to be screwed into the studs in your wall for installation.

You will find enough for a television of up to 50 inches in size on top of it, and the shelf underneath it, which has a hole for threading your wires, will hold at least one device in its central compartment and two others in its other smaller rooms, depending on their sizes. The best part is that this stand will free up valuable floor space below it.

Specification= Size: 46.5” W x 7.5” H x 15.5” D | Material: MDF | Size Compatibility: 50 inches | Weight Capability: 100 pounds


  • It can hold up to 100 pounds.
  • It is comparatively inexpensive.
  • Easy installation.


  • It doesn’t have enough storage.

7. Agora Floating TV: Best Floating Design

Because of its light, airy design, this media cabinet is small and spacious, with plenty of storage space. This trendy wall-mounted item allows you to free up space in your living room, allowing you to wave goodbye to the clutter that tends to accumulate around the television. As a result, it’s a popular choice for rooms with little space since it provides a clean appearance for your entertainment center.

This mechanism often consisted of a mounting bracket and screws, which makes it simple to install a television in a short amount of time. The TV wall mount is not flexible, and you must determine the final location with care before installing it permanently. TV wall unit mounts are available in a variety of styles and materials. The six storage compartments are divided into two adjustable shelves that can hold 15 lb per shelf.

Specification= Size: 57” W x 11.5” H x 17.75” D X Material: Manufactured Wood X Size Compatibility: 65 inches X Weight Capability: 100 lb.


  • Amazing yet minimalist design.
  • It enables you to customize the location of your television.
  • Safe from little kids.


  • It requires additional time and effort to install.
  • The mounting device might cause considerable wall damage.

8. Kinsella TV Stand: Best For Big TVs

With its seamless integration of fashion and function, this piece is an excellent focal point for any living room or den combination. It has space for a flat-screen television and three cabinets for storing DVDs and media devices, among other things.

The piece is made of solid wood and MDF and has sleek lines and a distressed two-tone finish to give it a rustic twist on modern design. There is a process known as Wood Scoring and Rub Through to create the distressed appearance of the object in question. There are many wood knots in creating the TV stand, such as round, dark patches in the wood.

Specification= Size: 65” W x 35” H x 19” D | Material: Solid pine and MDF | Size Compatibility: 70 inches | Weight Capability: 100 lb


  • It has a unique combo of traditional and industrial in terms of design.
  • It can hold up to 70 inches.
  • Innumerate storage space.


  • It takes up a lot of space.

What to Consider When Looking For the Best TV Stand?


TV stand with two open shelves in the form of a traditional fireplace. There are niches for modest media components and doors to hide bulkier electronics on TV stands. You can display artwork and literature on open shelves.


Electric fireplaces are often there in fireplace media centers. Regardless of the size of the room, they are easy to install and safe to use. The unit’s immediately accessible parts will remain cold to the touch while the heating element and its encasing region get warm. You may plug them into any standard outlet, and no need for any vents or fuel.


Living room with striped carpeting and a trendy white TV stand; if you have a spacious space, you’ll be able to select from various areas to position your TV stand. As a result, the location is mostly a matter of ensuring it is near enough to receive the optimum picture of the power supply.

Constraints on Mobility

It’s best to set your TV away from the window so that it doesn’t reflect light from the window on your TV stand. Check the TV stand’s weight rating before purchasing. A wall-mounted TV stand provides additional stability. During an emergency, have a fire extinguisher nearby. Please keep combustible things at least three feet away from the appliance. The unit’s intake and exhaust ports should not be blocked. Whenever you walk off the room, make sure the heating is off. You should unplug the device before going to bed or leaving your house for an extended period.

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