6 Best TV Stands with Mount

Are you one of those who get quickly bored of the same setup as your living room? Loves frequent makeovers of your house?

A family enjoys watching TV together; hence it is essential to have the best setup for the living room. It is a place which expresses your lifestyle, your standard of living and it must look elegant and pleasing to the eyes of the guests. Spending time with your family and munching on your favourite snack is the best in a beautiful living room.

Most people fail to maintain an aesthetically pleasing view of their living room because of the mess that wires and cables create and the same old TV setup or an unattractive shallow design. Sometimes, the height placement at which the TV is uncomfortable. Maybe you might not want to drill your walls, or perhaps you are someone who moves from one place to another quite often. In this case, the need for a TV stand with a mount arises. Someone who loves rearranging their living room space also needs mounted TV stands.

These are superheroes for those constantly on the go and struggle to set up their expensive TV and other electronic and gaming devices. The design, durability, and easy movement of these TV stands will make you fall in love, and it will also help you live a hassle-free life. This modern furniture combines living at ease, elegant looks, and aesthetics. A house is the comfort zone of a person, and a living room is the heart of your house, and it deserves to be pampered and treated well. You should check some crucial factors repeatedly before investing in a fireplace cabinet.

Best Tv Stands with Mount

1. IANIYA Black Swivel Floor Stand Mount: Best Overall

Size: Top to Bottom: 20 Inches l Material: Metal l Weight Capacity: 110 lbs l TV Compatibility: Can support up to 65-inch TVs.

A piece of ideal modern furniture is best for any corner of the house with a 90-degree rotation. It has tempered glass shelves that are perfect for storing electronic gadgets comes with a cable management channel to make the area look neat.

A space-saving floor stands mount is easy to clean and has open shelves. The stands are strong enough to hold heavy-weight electronic devices and other sound systems you may want to have at home. Because of its rich color and design will easily fit in any decor and make the house look elegant.


  • Open-shelving, tinted glass design.
  • It comes with a mounting accessory Kit.
  • The mount is fully adjustable.


  • It doesn’t come with a mounting plate.

2. Rfiver Black Swivel Desktop Mount: Best Budget Friendly

Size: 33.9” H x 26” W l Material: Metal l Weight Capacity: 132 lbs l TV Compatibility: support up to 65-inch TVs.

On a budget and still want elegant, rich-looking interiors for the house, you must invest in this Rfiver Black Swivel Desktop Mount. It is a budget-friendly, durable stand and ideal for a flat or curved TV. The weight management and durability of the TV stand make it suitable to invest your hard-earned money.

It has 6 level height adjustability and comes with a tempered glass finish. The desktop mount is fit for any corner of your house; the thickness and the material of the stand will provide ideal support to your TV in the long run.


  • Fully solid-Adjustable shelves
  • Sturdy wood design with 150 lb weight capacity.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • It comes in a single color.

3. Randal Symple Stuff Black Swivel Floor Stand Mount: Best Minimalist Design

Size: 52.2” H x 27.6” W l Material: Metal l Weight Capacity: 110 lbs l TV Compatibility: support up to 65-inch TVs.

The best choice for someone who loves minimalistic yet elegant design would be Randal Symple Stuff Black Swivel Floor Stand Mount. It has polished safety edges and non-slip rubber feet to protect your expensive electronic devices.

It is value for money, as you get the highest quality material to make this stand. A specially designed cable management system and an easy assembly system save the extra cost. It is ideal for both flat and curved TV.


  • Universal height adjustable TV mount. 
  • It comes with a safety bracket lock.
  • It comes with extra media device shelves.


  • It comes with a limited warranty.

4. Fitueyes Black & Walnut Swivel Floor Stand Mount: Best For Aesthetics & Storage

Size: 53” H x 16” W l Material: Metal l Weight Capacity: 110 lbs l TV Compatibility: Can support up to 65-inch TVs.

For someone looking forward to spacious storage cabinets with the TV Stand, this is the right choice for you. It’s a 3 in 1 TV base entertainment stand for plasma LCD led flat or curved screen TVs.

A TV stand is suitable for multiple angles in different positions. Its height is adjustable to other applications and sizes and is ideal for all kinds of electronic devices at your home.


  • Available in two different colors – Black & Walnut. 
  • Specialized cable management system.
  • Hassle-free installation, easy to use.. 


  • It doesn’t come with a warranty period.

5. Umbria Ebern Designs Sleek Black Floor Stand Mount: Best Modern Design

Size: 42″ W l Material: Wood l Weight Capacity: 105 lbs l TV Compatibility: Can support up to 65-inch TVs.

Get the sleek design and black metallic finish to suit any color palette in your house. Perfect for family time where you just enjoy entertainment and games night. It comes with 3 tier storage cabinets where you can store any devices and decorate however you like.

The Umbria Ebern Designs Sleek Black Floor Stand Mount comes with an adjustable stand a spacious drawer. The material used is the highest quality manufactured wood. The Compatible TV Types are LCD; Plasma; CRT/Tube; LED.


  • Hassle-free cleaning.
  • Excellent cable management channel.
  • It comes with a drawer to hide the remote and other valuable items. 


  • It comes in a single color. 

6. Stemple Latitude Run Fixed Multi-Screen Floor Stand Mount: Best Premium With Wheels

Size: 62.1” H x 60” W l Material: Wood l Weight Capacity TV Mount: 150 lbs l TV Compatibility: Greater than 50 inches.

A movable TV stand is ideal for those who love redecorating spaces in their house for a contemporary modern look. The crafting of the stand is in manufactured wood for a sleek, glossy finish and an elegant look. The wheels make it comfortable to move the stand. It is compatible with universal TV brands.

Spacious enough to accommodate multiple electronic devices and valuable items of your house. The beautiful finish and the color go with any decor. It will be the best purchase made for your lovely home and total value for money.


  • Available in multiple colors like Dark Oak/Black, Black, Espresso.
  • High-Quality material used.
  • It comes with a warranty period. 


  • A drawer to hide the remotes would have been great.

What to Look For While Buying?

Many TV Stands are available in the market, which one to invest in is a confusing, overwhelming task. I hope our suggestions helped you make the right choice to spend your hard-earned money.

Before deciding, decide your budget and invest in the suitable stand according to your requirements. You must go for the proper measurements and look for enough storage cabinets to store your PlayStation, home theatre, gaming equipment, etc.
The material quality is the most important thing to look for because we know it is a long-term investment, and our home is the closest to our heart.

Many factors affect the choice of your purchase. Some essential elements to observe before you invest in the best TV stand with the mount are listed below:

The size of your TV

The size of your TV and other available furniture in the living room are essential to know. Otherwise, the stand would look out of place. You must look for TV mounts which are suitable for all TV types. If you are looking for a stand to fit a smaller TV, you can go for an option ideal for that, but if the size of your TV is significant, you need to have a solid mount to hold that much weight. The sale of TV stands is by width and the TV screen size by inches, invest in a cabinet built according to your requirements.

Cable Management

Cable management is necessary as it makes or breaks the look of the setup. No matter how beautiful the unit looks, if wires are dangling around all over the place, it most certainly will not look good. To have a clean and tidy space, a clutter-free space, get a TV stand with a specialised cable management system. Invest in a stand that makes your life easy and saves you from a lot of damage in the long run.


The material of the TV stand matters when it has movable parts. It should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the TV and strong enough not to give in to wear and tear due to frequent movement of the unit. If the unit uses glass parts like doors and shelves, the glass should be thick and hold heavy items. You can take professional help from one who already has a unit or from the internet on what materials to choose which is suitable according to your usage and lifestyle.

Weight-Holding Capacity

The weight-holding capacity of the TV stand matters a lot when it comes to taking care of your expensive electronic devices. The size of the cabinet doesn’t decide its weight holding capacity. Go for a cabinet with high-quality material. Your cabinet won’t just hold your TV but also other sound systems, gaming devices, etc

Storage Capacity

Even if you are looking for a mountable TV stand, you need storage capacity as many miscellaneous items are on the TV unit. Also, there can be gaming consoles, speakers, remote controls, and other electronics that need a place. So, a TV stand with a good storage capacity is an added advantage. Nowadays, TV units have separate and appropriate shelves for other electronic items, like a shelf on top for your speakers or small stands for keeping your remote. It can have doored drawers to keep miscellaneous stuff that is not frequently required and hidden to make the space clutter-free.

Design and Texture

The TV unit makes your place look less cluttered and more stylish. One cannot have a TV unit that does not match the room’s overall ambiance or the design and texture of other furniture in your place. So, the design of the comprehensive unit and the texture of the material matter a lot. It should enhance the vibe of your living room and, at the same time, blend in with other furniture and not look odd or out of place. For a rustic ambiance, you can look for a wooden frame or metallic if you are going for a more modern taste and design.


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