8 Best Rolling TV Stands

Are you searching for a solid and durable rolling TV stand to hold your TV sets to the place without creating a mess? We have got you covered. 

As your TV corner is the most exciting gathering spot and a center part of your living room, you need to make it look attractive. On the other hand, you must keep the space tidy while providing enough storage for all the TV accessories. That’s why choosing the most suitable rolling TV Stand is a needful job for you and a tough one indeed. But don’t freak out, as we have selected some of the best rolling TV stands available in the market these days. 

The TV stands we selected offer multiple solutions to your various problems. They are made of a sturdy structure to hold your TV set in place without giving you hard times adjusting it frequently. The crafting of this best Rolling TV stand is to provide extra storage while offering exceptional cord management. But picking up the perfect one depends on specific considerations. 

As it will be a focal point of the living room, you must make a wise decision. To assure you that, we have come up with some vital points that should be in your mind every time you look for a rolling TV stand. So let’s start the article by understanding which factors can define the most suitable rolling TV Stand for you and discover the best options afterward.

Best Rolling TV Stands

1. Addisun Latitude Run Black: Best Overall

Size: 29.5(L) x23.2 (W)x (51-67) (H) inches, Material: Metal, Weight Capacity:120 Lb.lbs, 

If you are looking for a floor mount type best Rolling TV Stand that is perfect for a 50 inches TV set or less, this one by Addisun Latitude Run will surely be your best pick. No matter what type of TV set you have, be it an LCD, LED, smart flat-screen, or a curved display TV screen, this floor stand mount will hold it in place accurately. The height of this stand is effortless to adjust according to your preference. 

This Addisun Latitude Run® Black Multi-Screen Floor Stand Mount features enough storage for your necessary TV accessories. With it, you get a customizable audio and video tray. You can easily tilt the removable mounting brackets from -15° to +15°. The safety lock it comes with ensures total support to your TV sets from accidents. This space-saving TV stand also has wheels that can get locked to make it stable for your TV. 


  • Space-saving and sturdy design ensures durability. 
  • Comes with a removable audio/video tray and media storage. 
  • Tilting of mount is possible for the most preferred viewing experience. 
  • Revolving wheels come with a stable lock system. 


  • Not suitable for more storage requirements. 

2.  Petrovich TV Stand: Best for Small TVs up to 32″

Size: 31.5” x 28” H x 15.5”, Material: Manufactured wood, Weight Capacity: 50 lbs, Size Compatibility: up to 32 inches

Are you looking for a TV stand that comes with optimum storage and adjustable shelving? This one by Petrovich will be the right choice for you. It comes with open compartments to store all your TV accessories and media gadgets. The shelves are also adjustable so that you can manage them just the way you like. 

A classic neutral sturdy structure provides great mobility as it features wheels. The overall dimensions of this engineered wood design are suitable to set in any compact apartment’. The customizable design lets it become a sample unit for the center of the corner of your living room. You can easily make this TV stand adjustable by taking off some of the shelves if you don’t need them. It also features amazing cord management to save you from the mess. 


  • Comes with wheels for utmost portability. 
  • Features adjustable shelves for maximum storage. 
  • A neutral finish goes with any room decor. 


  • Does not include a tip-over restraint device. 

3. Mobile TV Cart: Best For 55 Inch 

Size: 400x400mm, Material: Alloy Steel, Weight Capacity: 55lbs, Size Compatibility: up to 55 inches

If you are searching for a floor stand mount for your large 55 inches TV, then this will be the apt unit for you. It is a TV stand on 360-degree rotating wheels which come at excellent convenience. Whether you want to watch TV in your living room or your bedroom, this one will do the job effortlessly, even if you want a tough TV stand for office or outdoor purposes. This rolling TV stand is sturdy enough for a TV set of up to 55 inches. You can adjust the angle of the wall mount space quickly to make it the right fit for a fabulous viewing experience. 

It is highly compatible and offers you a high-quality media shelf to store all your media equipment neatly. And the best part is it allows you to manage the height of the frame so that you don’t have to sit on the floor or bend down every time you want to watch the TV. The locking casters of the wheels make the unit stable in a single place. You can also use the cable ports to hide the messy wires from showing up at the front. 


  • Durable and robust design. 
  • It comes with locking casters on wheels. 
  • Features height adjustable media shelf. 
  • Offers various ports for cable management. 


  • Not ideal for storing bulky media units. 

4. Bjorn Solid Wood TV Stand: Best Heavy Duty 

Size: 55” x 24” H x 16”, Material: Solid MDF wood, Weight Capacity: 150 lb, Size Compatibility: upto 60 inches 

Are you looking for a heavy-duty rustic piece of TV stand for your wide 60 inch TV? If yes, don’t be late to welcome this beauty to your living room now. This Bjorn Solid Wood TV Stand will be the right solution for both your giant TV and more extensive storage needs. 

This large unit comes with wheels for easy mobility. As it is a bigger unit compared to other options, it can hold up to 150 lb weight, which means you can throw all your junky media gadgets in it right away. This solid wood structure comes with two cabinets and two drawers. It also features an open shelf where you can quickly put your nice room decors or showpieces. 


  • Fully solid-Adjustable shelves
  • Sturdy wood design with 150 lb weight capacity.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • It comes in a single color.

5. Neihart TV Stand best for TVs up to 78: Best For Living Room.

Size: 70.8” x 20” H x 15.7”, Material: Manufactured wood and metal, Weight Capacity: 100 lb, Size Compatibility: upto 78 inches

This Neihart TV Stand is a solid design made for larger TV sets, up to 78 inches. It is a staple vintage and wood polish furniture which goes with all kinds of room decor. It stores all your heavy electronic equipment as it has a stunning weight capacity of 100 lb. The entire dimensions of this TV console match any drawing room . 

The door inserts and the metal mesh panels are built to offer you a storage option while being classy and eye-catching at the same time. This unit comes with a dedicated storage shelf for your speakers, so you don’t need to switch its place often. You get four large interior shelves along with two cabinets, one drawer with this TV console, and a magnetic lock for extra convenience. 


  • Comes with four shelves, two cabinets, and a drawer. 
  • Features rotating wheels to offer practical portability. 
  • Offers magnetic closure on doors. 
  • Provides a high weight capacity of 100 lb. 


  • It does not have a tip-over Restraint Device included. 

6. Corridor TV Stand for TVs up to 85: Best Premium Quality

Size: 79.25” x 21” H x 20.25”, Material: Steel, Glass; Solid+ Manufactured Wood, Weight Capacity: 175 lbs, Size Compatibility: up 85 inches

Do you have a hard time finding the best suitable TV Stand for your 85 inches long TV? Your search ends here. This Corridor TV Stand is an extra-wide and excellent piece of furniture that will be the perfect solution for all your extra storage needs. It is made of heavy-duty engineered wood, which means this unit will be an item of permanent furniture. 

This solid TV stand features rotating wheels to have a tough time moving it. It comes with louvered doors to ensure that the speaker’s sound and remote signals pass through efficiently. With four cabinets and four shelves, you can store every media gadget in it as it has an excellent weight capacity. Do not worry about the tangled cables sitting in front because it also features excellent cable management. 


  • The heavy-duty unit features stunning weight capacity. 
  • Comes with four shelves and four cabinets. 
  • Offers efficient wheels and excellent cable management. 
  • Allows adjustable shelving option. 


  • Requires much more space for its immense structure. 

7. Gwynn TV Stand for TVs up to 42: For Fireplace Lovers

Size: 37.3” x 28.3” H x 11.8”, Material: Solid + Engineered wood, Weight Capacity: 15lb, Size Compatibility: up to 42 inches

Do you need a sturdy TV stand with a warm cozy Fireplace included in it? This Gwynn TV stand features a unique electric fireplace so that you can watch all your favorite movies in a warm ambiance. It comes with great cord management .it will add beauty to your drawing room and at the same time the shelves can accommodate your regular stuff. 

This sturdy design is lightweight in reality. It offers you a flexible shelving option to readjust the storage according to your preference. The electric fireplace has a 5118 BTU output, which means it can quickly heat a big room in less time. You will get the heat and light adjustable separately in this Fireplace cum TV Stand. It also features a flickering flame effect to make your movie nights even more dramatic. 


  • Features an electric fireplace with great heating capacity. 
  • Comes with separate heating and lighting adjustments. 
  • Offers maximum space for storage. 
  • Includes wheels for extra convenience. 


  • Doesn’t have closed cabinets. 

8. TAVR Mobile TV Stand: Best Overall

Size: 30(L)x 24(W)x(50-72)(H) inches, Material: Metal, Weight Capacity: 110lb, Size Compatibility: up to 70 inches

If you want a mobile TV Stand which you can place at any place whenever you need your TV screen, then go for this TAVR Mobile TV Stand. It is a modern design that can be compatible with any TV set from small to big. It features a unique 8-step height adjustment system so you can change the height and angle according to your needs. 

Unlike most TV stands, you will get to tilt the mounting space of this TV console to watch shows at the most preferred angle. The 360-degree rotating wheels come with locking casters to ensure utmost stability. You will need minimal space to store this TV console in any room you like. It comes with a media storage shelf which can also be adjustable height-wise. 


  • Sturdy design features eight height adjustment systems. 
  • Wheels come with locking casters. 
  • Mounting space can get tilted for the best viewing angle. 
  • Comes with media storage. 


  • Not ideal for home uses.  

How to Choose the Best TV Stand for you? 

Your TV stand will not only be the most attractive addition to your living room, but it will also be a place where you will spend a lot of time too. So you cannot deny the essential factors you need to look for while buying a TV stand. Look at the list below to always make sure you buy the suitable TV Stand for your lovely home. 


Size is a vital thing to consider while purchasing a TV stand. You need to know the size of your TV stand by analyzing multiple items like your tv size, the seating area, and your storage needs. You should also consider checking out your room size because a much larger unit will not look pleasant in a small room. So all these things will play a massive role in deciding what should be the perfect size of your TV stand. 


Adjustability is a vital point to assess when it comes to TV stands. Adjustability means that the unit can have the perfect height and viewing angle to watch your TV from the best position. If you want to buy a TV unit for office or outdoor purposes, choosing a floor stand mount will be best. They come with excellent height and angle adjustment features. 

Material :  

Material is an essential factor while buying a TV stand. If you prefer wooden furniture, you should know that it will be heavy. But if that comes with wheels, then the heaviness will not be a problem. But if you are looking for more portability and lightweight design, engineered wood will be the best option. Pay more attention to the material used for bolts of the stand to ensure more safety.

Weight Capacity : 

Not every TV console is designed to bear the same amount of weight. You must pay more attention to the weight capacity of your TV stand separately. TV set comes with various TV accessories. So you need to have enough storage space in your tv console. In addition to that, if you need to store more media gadgets and other electronic equipment, you will need to buy a stand. 


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