8 Best IKEA TV Stands For 2022

TV stands prove to add an exciting dimension to your living room. You get the option to introduce a great flare to the room and make it more welcoming and exciting. But don’t go into the whole decorating side of a TV stand. They purposefully provide excellent storage options too. 

TV stands are quite an essential piece to your living room as they can bring the whole decor of the room together. So, investing in a good TV Stand which completes your demands is crucial. IKEA has some exceptionally well-designed TV Stand collections which will suit your expectations. So today, you will get guidance through the best IKEA TV Stands with various sizes and shapes to choose one according to your specific needs. Let’s begin!

1. BRIMNES: Best Overall

Size: 70 ⅞” W × 16 ⅛” D × 20 7/8 ” H l Material: Particleboard, fiberboard, tempered glass l Weight Capacity: 66 lb l TV Compatibility: supports up to 55-inch TVs. 

If you want your TV stand to have optimum storage, then this TV stand by Brimnes is your best option. It comes with massive drawers that easily store all your remote controls, TV accessories, video games, CDs, and DVDs. With a classic modern design, you get to choose from black and white options, complementing any kind of room decor. This unit is for primarily big-sized TV sets, but as the weight capacity is more than enough, you need not worry about the size of the TV. 

This unit by Brimnes also features exceptional cord management. So you can easily manage them inside the drawers and separate them from getting tangled. The solid material demands easy to damp and dry cloth cleaning. Because of its heavy-duty structure, you can invest in this unit without hesitation, as you can enjoy all the benefits for a significant amount of time. 


  • Solid Particleboard and fiberboard construction. 
  • Comes with fantastic storage options.
  • Offers unique cord management. 


  • Weight Capacity may not be enough. 

BRIMNES (With More Storage Units)

If you loved the design of the Brimnes but want to cut down on the storage a little, the cheaper version with four storage units should be your next purchase. As it has less storage, it becomes a more pocket-friendly TV Stand which will be your best pick if running on a budget. Plus, you will also get all the fantastic features at a low price. 

As the material is best known for its fantastic durability, it will be amplifying the look of your living room for the longest time. You will also get efficient cord management, so you can hide all the nasty cords from curling up at the front. As it requires hassle-free and straightforward cleaning, you just need to use a damp cloth whenever required. 

2. BESTÅ: Best Floating TV stand

Size: 70 7/8 “W × 16 1/2 “D × 15 “H l Material: Particleboard, fiberboard l TV Compatibility: supports up to 65-inch TVs. 

Looking for a TV stand that fulfills the practical purpose and contemporary modern design? Then this TV stand-by Besta is your ideal choice. Designed for wall-mounted TV sets, Besta provides a clean and crispy look to your living room. Because it is suited for wall mounting, you can make use of the top shelf to store all of your fancy home decor items neatly. 

Made with superior quality material, the building of this unit intends to last long. So it will surely be a significant investment. With three large compartments for storage, you will no longer have to worry about finding the perfect place for your gaming consoles and electronic gadgets. Additionally, you can manage all the cables more efficiently and hide them flawlessly without dealing with the irritating cord tangles. 


  • Suitable for big-sized TV sets. 
  • Offers three large storage compartments. 
  • Comes with excellent cable management. 
  • Comes in a variety of gorgeous colors. 


  • Requires professional help to assemble. 

3. BYÅS: Best For TVs up to 63 inches

Size: 63 ” W × 16 1/2 “D × 17 3/4 ” “H l Material: Particleboard, fiberboard. l Weight Capacity: 110 lb. TV Compatibility: supports up to 63-inch TVs

Want to get all the benefits of adjustable shelves along with both open and closed storage options? BYÅS will be the perfect TV Stand for you then. This majestic white unit with a high gloss finish will be an eye-catching piece of furniture. It will light up the room and make it ten times more vibrant than now. 

BYAS unit stores many TV accessories, gadgets, and video games. You can place your precious art pieces in the available storage and rest in the closed ones with open and closed storage options. And it can handle a significant amount of load, so store all the necessary items without any worry. It also provides adjustable shelves and fantastic cord management. 


  • Solid Design with a high-gloss finish. 
  • Offers adjustable shelving option. 
  • Comes with both open and closed storage. 
  • Provides excellent cable management. 


  • Paint can be cheap quicker if not appropriately maintained. 

4. FJÄLLBO: Best Industrial Style

Size: 59″ W × 14 1/8 “D × 21 1/4 ” “H l Material: Steel l TV Compatibility: supports up to 59-inch TVs | Weight capacity: 66 lb. 

Looking for a highly vented TV Stand to allow the proper signal transmission to all your gadgets? Then this one by FJÄLLBO on IKEA will fulfill your needs. This TV console lets signals flow accurately without disrupting closed cabinets with a unique rustic design. Besides that, it also meets your large compartments for heavy storage requirements. 

Built with solid rustic metal, it features an open back so that you can cleverly put all the cables behind the console without making them appear at the front. The mesh doors will keep all your items safe while providing an airy atmosphere. So bring this one to your home if you want to add a classic rustic piece of furniture with great storage. 


  • Gives an ample amount of storage. 
  • Offers undisturbed signal flow. 
  • Comes with excellent cord management.


  • Mesh doors can be hard to clean. 

5. BESTÅ: Best Entertainment center With Storage Unit

Size:118 ⅛ W × 16 1/2 “D × 91 ” “H l Material: fiberboard, Particleboard l TV Compatibility: supports up to 65-inch TVs l

Need a TV console with ample storage to keep all your stuff in? Then none can beat the entertainment center by BESTA when it comes to storage. While having the capacity to store all your gadgets, be it tv accessories, gaming consoles, books, decor items, and so on, you get the option to display the items you want to and hide which you don’t. 

While providing the maximum amount of storage, this TV stand is designed to take up the maximum of your TV Wall. It is a vast unit which will look good in big living rooms. Besides that, you also get to manage cables and wires easily because of its effective cable management system. 


  • Provides maximum amount of storage. 
  • Sturdy and eye-catching design. 
  • Comes with excellent cable management. 


  • Not ideal for small rooms. 

6. LAPPLAND: Best Storage Unit

Size: 72 W × 15 3/8 “D × 57 7/8 “H l Material: fiberboard, Particleboard l TV Compatibility: supports up to 60-inch TVs | Weight capacity: 55 lb 

Worried about your big 60-inch long TV and more extensive storage? End your search here by welcoming this TV console by LAPPLAND to your home. It allows you to design the shelves to the right or left, whatever you’re like. Plus, the design is highly durable and sturdy to easily hold your big TV into a place without worrying about accidental slips. 

Besides having adjustable shelves, it also gives a very airy look to your living room with its open compartments. It comes with good cord management, so you can easily place all the cables behind the unit properly. You can choose from – blackish-brown and white color.


  • Offers fantastic storage space.
  • Comes with sufficient cord management.
  • Provides adjustable shelving. 


  • Does not offer a secure storage option. 

7. HEMNES: An Alternative Option

Size: 58 ¼ W × 18 1/2 ” “D × 22 1/2 ” “H l Material: fiberboard, Particleboard l TV Compatibility: supports up to 59-inch TVs | Weight capacity: 110lb

Looking for a classic white TV console with sufficient storage? Check out this one by HEMNES. Built with solid materials, it holds your big TV in place efficiently. It is a more budget-friendly option to invest in. 

It features three large drawers and three open shelves made of solid wood. You can store the TV boxes in the open space and keep the rest in closed compartments, and it does not make the unit look heavy or congested. It also comes with various color options to choose what you prefer the most. 


  • Designed to hold big TV sets. 
  • Offers both open and closed storage spaces. 
  • Available in different colors to choose from. 


  • oper care and maintenance. 

8. BESTÅ BURS: Best Premium Quality

Size: 16″ W × 58″ L ×3 ¼” H l Material: Fiberboard l TV Compatibility: supports up to 55-inch TVs

Want a simple and elegant-looking TV console that also fits your budget? Then choose this option by Besta Burs. It is an elegant-looking white TV stand with a high-gloss finish that will compliment any of your room decors. Because of its lightweight design, you can fit it anywhere. Also, it will require hassle-free cloth cleaning. 

Because it is a desk, you don’t need to hire professional help to assemble this TV console. You can easily do it at home conveniently. But you also need to remember that you will not be able to store many TV accessories as the storage space is not huge to accommodate all of them. 


  • Gorgeous white color with a high-gloss finish. 
  • Lightweight and space-saving design. 
  • Convenient and easy assembly. 


  • Does not offer enough storage space. 

What to Look For In Your Ikea TV Stand?

Buying a TV stand is not a quick task, and it should not be for a great many reasons. Adding any piece of furniture requires you to sit down and chalk out some necessary aspects. And when it comes to getting furniture like a TV stand which will be a center of attraction, you must follow some buying guide. 

So before getting started with the best options you have on IKEA, let’s take a tour of things to consider before buying a TV stand. We will cover everything from size and dimensions to weight capacity, material, and cord management to make better purchasing decisions. 

  • Size and Dimensions: 

Consider size and measurements as the most crucial aspect while buying a TV stand. Firstly you should measure the size and dimensions of your TV set. Then add a couple of inches to that, and you will get how long it should be on the top of your TV stand. You should also be well aware of how much storage you will need. That’s when the dimensions of a TV stand come to play. 

  • Material: 

Generally speaking, wood has always been the winner of furniture material. But now, with the evolving technology, we can get all the looks and functions of a natural wood minus the care and maintenance of that material. Metal, fiberboard, and Particleboard are the most often used TV stands. They provide a lightweight design and come with a decent weight capacity without being bulky. So choose what you prefer the most. 

  • Weight Capacity:

When you have to put up a large TV set or a load of storage on your stand, the weight capacity of the stand becomes a critical aspect of judging. Various materials have different kinds of weight capacities. The best way to find how much weight you will put on it is to weigh your TV, all of the TV accessories, and things you need inside the stand’s cabinets. 

  • Cord Management:

What’s the point of investing in a good-looking TV stand if all the cables will appear indecently at the front of your TV room? No one wants to look at the tangled wire situation. So make sure your TV stand comes with proper cord management. Not only does it saves the cables and makes them function correctly, but it also hides them at the back separately. 

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