Best Floating TV Stands For Every Size

Are you looking for a floating TV stand that offers a lot of space to store all your media gadgets? Or do you feel getting a TV stand will end up making the area look messier? 

We know that organizing your TV area every other day is a highly hectic job. Plus, finding a single place to put all the gadgets like TV accessories, gaming devices, and soundbar is not easy. And above all, no matter how often you clean up the space, it will always look untidy, which can mess up the whole room decor. 

That’s why you need to have a floating TV stand. A perfectly mounted TV Stand will provide you with enough storage space to keep all your electronics. Additionally, it will keep the floors clean and arrange the wires effectively. So the whole look of your room will become more elegant and clean looking, minus all the mess. 

We have selected the best floating TV stands available in the market these days. They come in different sizes and colors, with varying capacities of weight. But before going on with the list, we have curated specific points that you should keep in mind before making a purchase. So let’s dive headfirst into it and discover some of the finest TV stands. 

What You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying A Floating TV Stand

  • TV Size : 

If you want to buy a floating TV stand, the first thing that comes to your mind should be the size of your TV. It will narrow down your choices much more. If you think that the TV size won’t matter since the stand will be wall-mounted, you will end up making a terrible decision. TV stands are for different TV sizes. Owning a stand that is compatible with the size of your TV will not only make the entire look come together, it is also necessary because you will have sufficient space accordingly. So always consider buying a floating TV stand meant for your TV. 

  • Storage Options : 

The second essential thing to consider while purchasing a floating TV stand is how much storage you need. As floating TV stands offer less space than regular TV stands, the storage option plays a more significant role here. If you have things in store, you should look for a floating TV stand that offers more than two cabinets and shelves. Or else you can buy a sleek one to put one of two things on top of it. However, most of us need to place our TV accessories, gaming devices, and CDs or DVDs in a single place. So if that’s your concern, opt for TV stands with more storage options. You should also consider buying one with an adjustable shelving option as that will give you the freedom to design the shelves as you prefer. 

  • Mounting : 

Mounting is another vital concern if you search for a floating TV stand. Since most mounted TV stands come with all the necessary equipment needed to mount them properly, you can do it all by yourself. However, if you have a large TV set, the stand will most likely require professional assistance. You need to hire someone professional and might also need to purchase some more hardware if you don’t have them already. So, in simple words, the total price of owning a floating TV stand will increase. So remember this point in mind as well. 

  • Cord Management : 

Let’s be honest. No one likes to look at a messy TV corner where every wire is tangled up with another. Neither does it look elegant, nor does it do good to the electronic devices you own. Tangled wires and cables can do you a lot more harm than you think. First of all, you will need to adjust them properly very frequently. Secondly, all the tangles restrict the proper flow of electricity to your precious devices. And lastly, it takes up quite a lot of space and makes the room look messy. So you should buy a floating TV stand which comes with appropriate cable management. You will have portholes in each section. Additionally, the wires will not show up at the front, so it will look a lot more neat and clean. 

  • Weight Capacity : 

You’re mistaken if you think that wider floating TV stands can hold much more weight. The weight capacity of a mounted TV stand solely depends on its material. Some TV stands are there to solve your problem of storing devices. On the other hand, some fancy holding just two or three things at the maximum. So, how much weight capacity should your TV stand need to be decided while considering the weight you are willing to put over it. If you have many devices to store, you need to opt for TV stands with greater weight capacity, at least above 70 lb. 

Best Floating TV Stands

1. Suitland Floating TV Stand: Best For for Small TVs Upto 50 inches

Suitland Floating TV Stand is among the finest floating TV Stands available in the market right now. It is a perfect example of one of the best floating stands as it requires minimal space and provides excellent storage. The sturdy engineered wood structure is for TVs up to 50 inches. This stand design has the dimensions of 41.3” x 7” H x 11.8”, which suggests that it is easy to install and requires hassle-free cleaning. Although it is pretty space-saving, it can hold upto 88 lbs weight. Don’t struggle to find unique places for your TV electronics and gaming items. You can keep everything in one place, friendly and tidy. 

Nobody likes to have a messy TV corner where all the cables pop up from different parts. That’s why you need to own a floating TV Stand that comes with a sufficient cord management system. This Suitland Floating TV Stand comes fully equipped with several ports so that you don’t need to spend your valuable time untangling cords. Besides, it comes with a dedicated soundbar shelf so you can amplify your TV’s sound whenever you feel like it. Above all, the unique design of this TV stand goes with any room decor. 


  • The engineered wood design ensures extreme durability.
  • Comes with a separate soundbar shelf.
  • Space-saving design with a significant weight capacity.


  • Weight capacity is not sufficient for extra storage.

2. City Life Floating TV Stand: Best for TVs up to 55 inches

This advanced media furniture from City Life should be the best option if you are looking for a floating TV stand with adjustable shelves. Its sturdy design made of manufactured wood will elevate the entire look of your TV room. With the flexible shelving option, you can decorate and place the shelves according to your specific preference. This unit offers you four open storage places to neat all your media gadgets. It also comes with two lateral open spaces where you can put your video games, DVDs, or CDs in perfect order. The entire weight capacity of this unit is 25 lb, and its dimensions are 49.5” x 11.5” H x 16.25. 

The City Life Floating TV Stand offers a contemporary look to your room while opening up the space. Don’t worry about making your TV corner look clumsy. It is for TVs up to 55 inches. You will also get various ports to manage the cables and wires flawlessly. It is available in different finishes and colors like gray maple, weathered oak, black oak, chocolate, and natural walnut. So select the one which suits your room decor the best and have fun enjoying your TV time while keeping all the gadgets in a perfect place. 


  • Offers flexible shelving options. 
  • Includes two lateral open spaces. 
  • Provides various ports to adjust wires and cables. 


  • Weight capacity is not sufficient for extra storage. 

3. Agora Floating TV Stand: Best for TVs up to 65 inches

If you are looking for an extra-wide floating TV stand that will suit your 65 inches TV, then Agora Floating TV Stand will be the right one for you. This decorative media console can hold significant weight, up to 100 lb. So you can place all your electronic and TV gadgets on the shelves without worrying about their weight. Plus, as it offers you a considerable amount of space, you don’t have to clear the clutter that we generally end up making in our TV corners. It has two cabinets and the overall dimensions are 57” x 11.5” H x 17.75”. 

The natural wood grain design comes with quite a variety of colors to choose from. It has a fantastic tip-over restraint device. For your media devices, you will get two spacious cabinets. The whole console offers you considerable cord management, so you will also get portholes in each cabinet. It will also require relatively little time to be cleaned. You can just use a completely dry or a damp cloth to clean it.


  • Sturdy design offers vast weight capacity. 
  • Comes with a tip-over restraint device. 
  • Includes two large cabinets. 


  • Does not include adjustable shelves. 

4. Cappuccino French Floating TV Stand: Best for Corners (up to 50 inches)

If you are searching for a floating TV stand that will be best suited to tidy up your corner, the Cappuccino French Floating TV Stand will be the correct one for your needs. This floating TV stand is especially for amplifying the look of your corner space by storing all the necessary TV accessories in the most sophisticated way. It is especially for TVs up to 50 inches. But the weight capacity is more than sufficient for its size. Although it is a space-saving floating TV stand, it can hold up to 100 lb of weight. So you can just put all the heavy devices on top of it and call it a day. Its entire dimensions are 46.5” x 7.5” H x 15.5”. 

The natural wood grain finish will amp up the look of any room decor while adding a sophisticated touch to it. You will also have some excellent color options to choose one which looks the most amazing on your wall. It is made of rugged, manufactured wood so that it will last you for a long time. You will have good cord management along with media storage space. 


  • Offers impressive weight capacity. 
  • Comes with media storage space. 
  • Sturdy and durable design. 
  • Efficient cable management included. 


  • Does not have a Shagreen-embossed Exterior. 

5. Columbian Walnut Vidalia Floating TV Stand: Best Asymmetrical

Worrying about your big-size TV but short on a budget? Well, we have the correct one for you. This Columbian Walnut Vidalia Floating TV stand is a piece of excellent furniture with a whole lot of benefits to solve your storage problems. Its asymmetrical design works fantastic in offering a slightly different and sophisticated touch to your room. This unique design is especially of solid engineered wood. So it will be serving its purpose for a long time in your house. The entire product weight is 45 lb, and its dimensions are 72” x 8.5” H x 11.8”, which suggests that it would be a proper choice for TVs up to 78 inches. 

The two-tiered structure makes this floating TV stand extremely beneficial for storage while being an eye-catching element in your TV room. It also features a wide and open cubby at the front in which you can keep all of your video gaming gadgets and TV boxes. This whole unit is to hold the weight up to 50 lb. It can store all your TV accessories. Another benefit of its brilliant asymmetrical design is that both the top and bottom cubby are extended to let you have functional spaces to put your precious home decor items like a bit of plant or a simple photograph. You will get a dedicated soundbar shelf in it too. And it will also keep the wires efficient as it comes with cable management. 


  • Durable structure for big TVs.
  • Asymmetrical design with significant storage.
  • Comes with a dedicated soundbar shelf.


  • Weight capacity is not sufficient for extra storage.

6. White Gofried TV Stand: Best With a Fireplace

Do you want to spend enough family time watching your favorite program on TV in a warm and cozy ambiance? Then, you should pick the White Gofried TV Stand with a fireplace. It is a sleek and modern TV Stand cum fireplace that will enhance the contemporary look of your room and ensure that you have just the right and comforting warmth in your room throughout the year. It is an engineered wood design that is perfect for commercial uses. Its entire dimensions are 72” x 15” H x 13.6”, whereas the product weighs only 100 lbs, including the electric fireplace. It will be an appropriate choice if you own a 78 inches long TV set. 

This wall-mounted TV console has a glossy finish going all around the structure that will add a lot more shine and a modern vibe to your TV room. The electric fireplace comes with a different lighting option so that you can only turn on the lights of the fireplace, eliminating the warmth. And the best part is, you could enjoy the functions of the electric fireplace while just relaxing on your couch as it comes with remote control. You can change the color of the fireplace into three different options and adjust the heat just the way you like it. With a 70 lb weight capacity, this floating TV stand features two cabinets to store all the TV accessories and cable boxes. You can also put some lovely room decor items in the top area. The voltage requirement of the fireplace is 110, and its BTU output is 5100 BTU, which suggests that it can heat a large room in less time. 


  • Big and sturdy design for large TV sets.
  • Features an electric fireplace with remote control.
  • Comes with excellent storage space.


  • Does not include a Shagreen-embossed Exterior.

7. Ramsdell Floating TV Stand: Best for Big TVs (up to 78 inches)

Do you find it hard to manage and clean the storage space of your TV console in terrible lighting conditions? If that’s your problem, we have the right product to solve this issue. This Ramsdell Floating TV Stand will be the perfect TV console for you as it features built-in lighting. With a fantastic classic engineered wood design, you will get enough storage, efficient cable management, and a built-in lighting feature for your 78 inches large TV set. The shelves can take a maximum weight of up to 125 lbs. So just go on storing everything from TV accessories to CDs and DVDs, video gaming consoles, and so on. The lighting can be controlled by a remote, so light up the shelves during cleaning times or whenever you want to bring more light and life to your TV area. The product weighs around 65 lb, and its dimensions are 71” x 11.8” H x 14”, which is perfect for large rooms. 

This rectangular floating TV Stand featuring a clean-lined silhouette will provide you with extra storage space as it comes with two cabinets. You can change the color of the built-in lighting and turn it into white, green, red, or even blue, whichever suits the occasion. With plenty of space, it also provides you with effective cord management. 


  • Fully solid-Adjustable shelves
  • Sturdy wood design with 150 lb weight capacity.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • It comes in a single color.

8. Milano Floating TV Stand: Best For TVs up to 90 inches

We know the struggle of maintaining a 90 inches large TV set. The most strenuous job is to find a mounted TV stand that goes with it. This Milano Floating TV Stand will be your best pick if you are in the same situation. As a wider TV needs more storage space, you will need to arrange all the TV accessories neatly. This TV console will solve this problem. It comes with a huge storage space featuring built-in lighting. And the engineered wood design is perfect to handle the weight of the gadgets, up to 80 lb. The entire dimensions of this unit are 78” x 17.7” H x 13.8”, so it’s best-suited for larger rooms. 

The modern look of this Milano Floating TV Stand will complement contemporary room decor. With two large cabinets, it offers you more than enough space for storage. It has geometric-styled shelves, which provide an extra classy look to your room. So if you want to store some additional nice-looking decor items, go ahead without any hesitation. On the other hand, the built-in lighting needs 3-watt power, which is extremely minimum. And the best part is the LED built-in lighting comes with sixteen different color options, so you can always select the best lighting condition for every occasion, whether it’s a party or a stay-in movie night. 


  • Built-in LED lighting with sixteen color options. 
  • Provides maximum storage with 80 lb weight capacity. 
  • Comes with good cord management.
  • Includes tip over Restraint Device.



  • Requires to be installed entirely by professionals.

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