7 Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands to Stay Entertained & Cozy 

Don’t you love to spend winters in a cozy warm seating area while binge-watching your favourite Netflix show? 

Let’s be honest; we all crave that. But with the trend of a minimalistic approach to home decor, it becomes tough to organize everything smartly without compromising comfort. Like, in winters, we want to snuggle up in front of a fireplace, but that would eliminate the chance of enjoying watching TV. Right?

No, because we have curated some of the Best Fireplace TV Stand to make your evenings fun during winters. You will be all warm and comfortable with the adequate heat from the electric fireplace. Plus, you will be able to place your TV on top of a sturdy stand. So let’s jump into discovering the Best Fireplace TV Stand to order right away. 

Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands

1. Rustic Whittier Fireplace TV Stand: Best For for TVs up to 50″

The Rustic Whittier Fireplace TV Stand is a heavy-duty stand made of engineered wood. With an overall dimension of 47.68” x 29.125” H x 15”, it becomes a solid unit to heat 400 sq. ft. area. It comes with a moderate weight capacity of 55 lbs which is enough for TV sets up to 50 inches. 

The electric fireplace of this stand gives a realistic approach to wood burning, eliminating all the hassle of keeping a real one. Additionally, it comes with four adjustable shelves and two cabinets so that you can manage them according to your preference. It amps up the look of your room with its classic engineered wood structure. And the neutral finish of this stand goes with all kinds of room decor. The entire product weight is 107.36 lb, not too heavy to handle. 


  • Solid engineered wooden structure. 
  • Electric fireplace with high heating capacity. 
  • Comes with 2 cabinets and 4 adjustable shelves. 
  • Offers many ports for cord management. 


  • No tip-over restraint device included. 

2. Lorraine FirePlace TV Stand: Best for TVs up to 55″

This Lorraine Fireplace TV Stand is a heavy-duty stand, best suited for living room areas because of its standard design. It is an ideal choice for TVs around 55 inches. The entire dimension of this unit is 47” x 27” H x 15.5”, which means it will be the perfect furniture to upgrade the look of your living area. 

Coming to the specifications, the first thing that catches your eyes is its sturdy design made of manufactured wood. On top of that, you get a natural wood grain finish with many color options. This fireplace TV stand comes with two cabinets with significant storage, secured with doors with unique x-shaped accents. You will also get two customizable interior shelves ideal for conveniently placing all your TV gadgets. The cable management aspect is also pleasing and practical. It also includes vital things like heatproof glass and tip-over restraint devices. 


  • Great and sturdy unit designed for large spaces. 
  • Comes with multiple LED flame settings.
  • Offers massive storage with cabinets and shelves. 


  • It does not offer remote control. 

3. Coridon Fireplace TV Stand: Best for TVs up to 65″

The Coridon Fireplace TV Stand is made while keeping one vital point: ‘with big TV comes big stand.’ So, this unit will end the worries you have while searching for a huge TV stand to accommodate your giant 65 inches long TV. With an enormous weight capacity of 250 lbs, it can easily house your huge TV set along with all your heavy gadgets. But as its whole dimensions are 58” x 25” H x 16”, and magnetic door enclosure you would have to place it in the living area or a large room. 

The vast unit is designed carefully for all your requirements. It is made with high-quality MDF laminated manufactured wood. It is a massive fireplace TV stand with three adjustable interior shelves and two cabinets. So put all your stuff in it and make your place a lot more clean and tidy. It offers a gorgeous rustic vibe to your area, with fantastic rivet detailing and barn-style doors. It also harbors several cable management cutouts, which allows the wires to function correctly without getting entangled in an ugly bunch. 


  • Built with high-quality manufactured wood. 
  • Ideal for prominent places. 
  • Comes with 3 shelves and 2 cabinets. 


  • No remote control option is available. 

4. Briella Fireplace TV Stand: Best for TVs up to 70″

Looking for the perfect fireplace TV stand for roomy areas, then Garysburg Fireplace TV Stand will put an end to your longing. This unit by Briella is a giant when it comes to weight capacity. It can hold a TV of above70 inches. Its solid design with 63.38” x 31.88” H x 15.5” overall dimensions will be ideal for hall rooms or large living rooms. It offers you a high 70 lbs weight capacity. 

It is a solid example of sound engineering, built to amplify the look of any modern house decor. The saw-cut mullions and planned top structure offer you a stunning rustic environment. One of the best parts of this fireplace TV stand is that the flame settings can be used just as they are without adding the heating part. So you can just enjoy watching your favorite shows with a flattering flaming fireplace in summer too. It even allows you to adjust the look of the fireplace; you can either choose the log setting or the fire crystal setting. 


  • Heavy-duty unit ideal for large spaces. 
  • Independent flame settings are available. 
  • Offers huge storage with optimum cord management. 
  • Multiple heat settings available to suit one’s needs. 


  • Slightly tricky to move around as it doesn’t come with wheels. 

5. Walker Edison Fireplace Tv Stand: Best For TVs up to 80”

If you want a sturdy stand to hold your big TV with open cabinets to display your collection, this Walker Edison Fireplace TV will be your best pick. It is ideal for TV sets up to 80 inches. The overall dimensions are 70 x 16 x 26.25, so it will take up quite a lot of space. 

The electric fireplace can heat a 400 sq. ft. place, or even a little bigger than that. The heating output of this unit is 4600 BTU. While holding a large TV screen of up to 80 inches, it comes with a 250 lbs weight capacity. The Walker Edison Fireplace Tv Stand is heavy-duty material with a classic rustic oak color. The electric fireplace offers independent flaming technology. So you can just enjoy the flames without having to deal with the heat. On the other hand, it offers you extremely convenient cable management, making it easier for you to manage the cords and run them at the back of the TV.  


  • Ideal for TVs up to 80 inches. 
  • Comes with open compartments. 
  • Offers convenient cable management. 
  • Flames can be turned on individually. 


  • Does not come with adjustable shelves. 

6. Tansey Fireplace TV Stand: Best For TVs up to 85″

The Tansey Fireplace TV Stand is a superior quality unit made of durable manufactured wood, which gives a unique farmhouse charm to your house. You can easily place up to 85 inch long TV above it. With the faux wood hearth of this electric fireplace, you will get a realistic wood-burning atmosphere. It also lets you control the heat and flame settings individually to prefer your ongoing mood and comfort. 

It comes with both open and closed cabinets, so it’s ideal for displaying and keeping the necessary items safe. The two cabinets come with magnetic closure for better convenience. You will have much space to put your media equipment, including CDs and DVDs. This unit can heat a large room with its 4400 BTU output. With optimum thermal overload protection, it also becomes one of the safest options for your children. In addition to the different light and heat controls, it allows some amazing flickering flame effects to provide a camping ambiance. 


  • Huge design with a great weight capacity. 
  • Comes with both open and closed storage.
  • Has separate heat and flame settings. 


  • Does not offer customizable shelves. 

7. Walker Edison Alcott Classic Glass Door Fireplace TV Stand: Best for Corners

If you are looking for a sturdy fireplace TV stand to place at the corner of a room, this will be your best choice. The Walker Edison Alcott Classic Glass Door Fireplace TV Stand is made to upgrade the look of the corners while holding a TV up to 48 inches. Its lightweight and compact design makes the unit ideal for placing in a small area while having optimum heating. 

This unit lets you utilize your corner space with a touch of a neutral wooden structure which goes with most of the room decor. It features a removable fireplace insert, so you can get it out whenever you feel like it. Though the design is lightweight, it can efficiently heat a 400 sq. ft. room. You will also get four adjustable shelves with tempered safety glass doors. 


  • Compact and lightweight design ideal for corners. 
  • Great heating capacity with plug-in fireplace.
  • Features individual light and heat controls.


  • The weight capacity is relatively low. 

What to Consider?

Choosing a fireplace TV Stand that will be the right choice for you isn’t a simple task. It requires your time and energy, and above all, some essential tactical plans and a rational, unhurried approach. We have come up with a specially designed list of some significant points to consider to help you choose better. 

  • TV’s Size

If you are likely to purchase a TV to put it on the top of your fireplace TV Stand, the size of your TV will be the first thing to consider. Your already owned TV’s size will cut off quite a lot of your options. You should know that the fireplace stand needs to be big enough for your TV. But you also would not like a vast TV Stand that will not only take away most of your space but will also appear as an odd piece of furniture. 

  • Tv Stand’s Dimensions

While buying a fireplace TV Stand, its dimensions should also be on your checklist. They come in various sizes and dimensions, made to fit in all kinds of rooms. So, first, think about which room you will place it in. Then consider the size of your room and the space for the stand. It will give you a clear idea about what the dimensions of your fireplace TV Stand would be. 

  • Shelves’ Size: 

Fireplace TV Stands offer you pretty large storages to put your things. But this point is crucial as it will also help determine your purchase. If you have various necessary things to keep in a safe place that is not display-worthy, choose a TV Stand with large shelves and wooden drawers. On the other hand, if you like to place your precious crockery set, you would not need massive shelves with more storage capacity. Just some lovely shelves with glass doors will be perfect enough. 

  • Cable Management

A fireplace TV Stand will not only become a place for your TV, but it is well-equipped to store several electronic pieces also. In this case, you need a fireplace cum TV Stand with excellent cable management. You need to consider that a fireplace TV Stand should have exemplary cord management with several ports. Also, you will not need to waste another minute of your valuable time untangling stupid wires. So, in short, it will make your life a lot easier, and your room will look a lot less messy. 

  • Weight Capacity

Checking the weight capacity before buying a fireplace TV Stand is a non-negotiable point to remember. It will ensure if your tv stand can hold all of the things or not. It might not be apparent to judge by only looking at a TV stand picture because many of them can look big enough but have less weight capacity. So it is best to look for the weight capacity of your fireplace TV Stand before buying one


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