5 Best Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stands

Thinking of furnishing your home? Looking forward to giving your TV area a clean makeover?

Keeping the TV area visually attractive is a task most people fail at. The mess that cables and wires create leaves us wondering whether it will ever look neat. We spend lakhs and thousands on interiors, yet we cannot significantly impact the visuals. It is essential to opt for the right choice when spending on your regular furniture.

Swap your regular cabinets and go for an electric fireplace TV cabinet. It will instantly give a clean and tidy look to your cluttered space. The elegance that these fireplace cabinets bring to your place will always leave you wishing to have one at home. The market has several options for a fireplace TV cabinet, but we have curated a special list to help you invest your money in the right one. 

A living room is where you seat your guests, and wouldn’t you want this place to be aesthetically pleasing- leaving your guests in awe, praise about the look of the area and their questions asking where you got it done. A house is very dear to a person, and a living room is the heart of your home, and it deserves to be pampered and treated well. One must consider many crucial factors before investing in a fireplace cabinet. Go on reading, and you will understand what we are talking about. 

For those who are lazy to research on their own, or are looking for an alternate opinion, here’s a list of the Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands that you can opt for.

Best Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stands

1. White Oak Tieton TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches: Best For Small Corners

Size: 47.25” x 32” x 20” inches l Material: MDF, Laminate l Weight Capacity: 250 lbs l TV Compatibility: Can support up to 50-inch TVs.

White Oak fireplace TV stand will instantly enhance the look of your living room, making it look elegant. It is a must to check if you are looking for a fuss-free electric fireplace. It comes with sleek corners and a smart structure which makes it attractive. The cabinet has an easy installation process and has separate cable management space. 

The TV Stand comes with separate cabinets that hold up other gadgets and utilities. The hassle-free cleaning process makes it the best purchase you will ever make. The white oak color stands out and fits any decor. Other color options are also available. We can say that the investment made in this electric fireplace TV Stand is worth every penny. 


  • Built-in fuss-free fireplace with some added heat and ambiance. 
  • It has two separate cabinets and six interior shelves.
  • LED Electric-type flame


  • The heat is not adjustable

2. Albrecht TV Stand for TVs up to 65 inches: Best For Big Corners

Size: 58” x 22” x 20” inches l Material: MDF, Paper Veneer, Pine, Glass, Metal, Plastic l Weight Capacity: 100 lbs l TV Compatibility: Can support up to 65-inch TVs.

The stand comes in thick wood and panels, making it durable and valuable for money. The exotic style of the cabinets makes it look elegant and the right fit for any corner of your home. The TV stands with a neat cable management system. The adjustable shelf makes it easy for you to store things. 

The fireplace has a natural glow with or without the heat. It comes with an energy-saving system. The durability and weight management of the TV stand make it stand out and worth investing your hard-earned money. 


  • The electric fireplace can heat 400 square feet approximately.
  • Solid-Adjustable shelves.
  • You can easily clean it with a dry or damp cloth. 


  • It doesn’t include a remote.

3. Walker Edison Alcott Classic: Best For TVs up to 55 Inches

Size: 32″ x 20″ x 47.25″ inches l Material: Wood l Weight Capacity: 100 lbs l TV Compatibility: Can support up to 55-inch TVs.

Utilize your lost and forgotten corner space with this 48-inch wood media stand which comes with an electric fireplace. If you are tight on the space budget, this comes as a great solution because of its corner design, saving ample space while creating a warm and entertaining ambiance to your home. The shelves of this fireplace are behind two tempered glass doors with a neatly open shelf to fit your media components and accessories. One can individually control the fireplace display and heat.

It is for an average-sized bedroom, so the small heater is perfect. The fireplace insert is beautiful, very realistic for electricity, and it nicely heats the room, or you can leave the heat off for just the fireplace ambiance. It’s a heavy piece, very sturdy, and can be a lovely addition to your den.


  • Installation requires no electrician. Simply plug into a standard household outlet, and no venting is required.
  • Storage on both sides. 
  • Comes with a cable management system to maintain a tidy space.


  • Assembling time is pretty high. 

4. Gray Lynette TV Stand for TVs up to 60 inches: Best Premium

Size: 56.26” x 36.26” inches l Material: Manufactured Wood; Solid + Manufactured Wood l Weight Capacity: 50 lbs l TV Compatibility: Can support up to 60-inch TVs.

This solid wood and veneered MDF fireplace TV stand come as the best TV stand in the premium segment. It has adjustable thermostat settings that turn off when it hits the desired temperature. Turn the heat option off to enjoy heatless flames year-round. It comes in various colors orange, red-orange, white, blue, blue-white, and multicolor. Firm structure, beautiful colors, and perfectly fits in any corner of your home.

You can enjoy the ease of the remote control to adjust heat temperature, color and brightness of flames, and time. It’s an excellent investment to add that special touch to a room and the added comfort level. It’s got heavy glass doors and looks very sturdy. 


  • Adjustable heat setting with timing, color, and brightness of flames.
  • Easy to assemble with straightforward instructions.
  • Fireplace remote included.
  • A separate soundbar shelf


  • No wheels included. 

5. Gray Wash Yolanda TV Stand for TVs up to 60 Inches: Best Alternative Design

Size: 54” x 31” x 16” inches l Material: High-grade MDF and durable laminate l Weight Capacity: 99 lbs l TV Compatibility: Can support up to 60-inch TVs.

An engineered wood frame in a posh rustic hue that fits a corner design, this TV stand is the best alternative design to look for. The wood grain color variation gives this piece a lodge-worthy look for your living room or family room. It has cabinets for storage and comes with cable management ports offering the ideal media hub for movies, consoles, and other equipment. 

The TV stand looks classic yet modern, stylish, and sophisticated. The rustic oak color will go with any decor, and the fireplace accent is fantastic and looks real. It has two open spaces for you to put your electronics or anything else. It also has two doors and shelves to put stuff that you don’t want people to see. The product’s quality is fantastic and is sure to last a long time.


  • Heat fireplace and control flames separately or simultaneously.
  • Adjustable shelves with cable management.
  • Energy-saving LED.


  • Does not come with a remote.

What to Look For in An Electric Fireplace TV Stand?

  • The size of your TV

The first thing to learn is the size of your TV. Ensure the average size of other furniture in your living room. You wouldn’t want to make the fireplace TV stand to look out of place. Next, you need to ensure that your TV fits in the cabinet. Fireplace stands are sold by width and the TV screen size by inches. Invest in a cabinet which is built according to your requirements. The cabinet’s height matters because it needs to be at eye level, not above or below. Along with dimensions, the shape of your TV also matters. Although most TVs are flat screens, if you have a curved screen TV, you might want to look for something suited to that. 

  • Storage Cabinets 

When you think of keeping your space tidy, organizers, drawers, and cabinets come to your mind. A fireplace TV Stand must not only be helpful just to keep the TV. You find yourself cleaning the TV cabinet many times a day yet to see it cluttered in a couple of hours. It must have enough cabinets and drawers to stash everything from other gadgets, daily use items, books, toys, etc. Large wardrobes, separate drawers, and organizers will help to keep your essential things in place. If you can make suitable arrangements for your items, it becomes easier to find what you need.

  • Cable Management 

You are definitely not investing a considerable amount of money to see a cluttered area with tangled cables and wires everywhere. Tangled wires make the space look untidy and imperfect. On the other hand, neat and clean spaces don’t have wires hanging around. You must always buy a TV stand with a separate space for cables and cords. A cable management system in your TV stand will make your life easier and help you avoid a lot of damage in the long run. 

  • Weight Holding Capacity 

The most crucial factor while purchasing a TV stand is its weight holding capacity. You don’t want your TV to fall on the ground along with the cabinet. Your stand won’t just hold the TV. It is a space for other gadgets too. The size of your cabinet doesn’t decide its weight holding capacity, go for a cabinet with high-quality material and inquire about the weight holding capacity of the same. 

  • Fireplace features

An important thing to look for while buying a fireplace TV stand is to know what all features come with the fireplace. There are many things your money can buy, but the cost would keep increasing for a high-end fireplace that lights up with just a tap on the remote and has adjustable heat settings. It aligns with both your comfort and your budget. Some fireplaces have a more realistic touch on the fire, where you might think it’s an actual fire burning. 

  • Safety features

Safety should be a significant concern as what you are buying involves heat and electricity. You should look out for sturdier stands that can hold a lot of weight. If there’s glass used anywhere on the structure, it should be heatproof, so you don’t burn yourself accidentally. Since it involves heat, there should be ample space to the surrounding part of the fireplace for proper heat flow. A timer also helps in safety measures as you might forget to turn off the fireplace which may cause a hazard.

  • Design and texture

What kind of walls do you have? What is the color of the walls? What combination would look good? You have to keep in mind some questions while buying a TV stand. You might want a rustic look or a more modern cutting edge look for your home, and accordingly, you might want to look for the right design, texture, and the kind of wood used in the structure and whether it goes with your taste and home designs or not. Though this ultimately is on you to decorate your place, taking a professional’s help on this might be a better idea as they might help you on the kind of materials you should go for depending upon your house.

  • Space utilization

Another thing is space utilization; you don’t want the stand to look odd in the hall. It should blend in to enhance the ambiance while not creating clutter. If you have an entire empty wall, you might go for something in the center, which fills up and binds the place together. However, if you do not have a central place, you might want to look out for the corner spaces and get a TV stand that fits into a corner. There are several options adhered to both of these categories, and you might want to do your due diligence.


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